Odyssey Soft Tissue Laser

One way to provide precise, delicate treatment minus the possiblilty of damaging healthy tissue is through the use of a soft tissue dental laser. Since they do not require any type of incisions or stitches, soft tissue dental laser treatments can usually be carried out while not causing pain. While the laser is removing tissue in addition it disinfects the spot which in turn drastically decreases the risk of infections Most importantly, in case you were to compare soft tissue dental laser treatment with classic treatment carried out with a scalpel, you should recognize that recovery time is significantly decreased using the laser.

Lasers can be a great method to address gum disease or a gummy smile. Again with the exact control, the dental professional can take care of the diseased gum tissue with no trauma to healthy gum tissue. Any time gum surgery to get rid of excess” tissue that overlaps onto the tooth surface is completed with a laser there is little bleeding and swelling, and no requirement for sutures. The procedure is pretty pain-free and recovery much quicker.
Hard Tissue Laser
The hard tissue dental laser utilizes a combination of laser energy and water to complete many dental procedures once undertaken with a dental drill. The hard tissue dental laser provides us exceptional control and accuracy in treatments allowing for the doctor to conserve healthy tooth structure.

It does not generate the vibration and high-pitched noise of a standard drill so procedures are much easier for people. The fact is a lot of patients discover they no longer require anesthesia for quite a few procedures.