Intra Oral Camera

What is an Intraoral Camera?

Intraoral cameras allow us to both capture and display images taken from inside your mouth. We are then able to display the images on a screen after connecting it through USB. This allows us to get a more detailed view of your mouth than with a traditional mirror so that we can decide on the best treatment for you.

Not only is the camera a great tool for us. It’s also a great tool for you. It’s the perfect way for you to be able to easily see what we see when examining you – such as a cracked tooth or decay. We want you to be able to identify exactly what we’ll be treating, allowing you to fully understand what is best for your oral health.

What Makes the IRIS Camera So Good?

The IRIS Intraoral Camera has a streamlined design and dual capture buttons, allowing us to capture images in difficult to reach places. It also features an eight-point white LED and high-resolution camera which means external lighting is not necessary to produce a perfectly well-lit image.

Interested in a Dentistry with Great Technology in Medfield, MA?

Oral health is such an important part of your overall health, and it’s always best to know as much as you can about keeping your smile healthy and looking great. We’ll be able to use our cameras to make sure you’re able to walk away with everything you need to know about your mouth. Contact us today if you have any questions about our advanced technology or any of our other services!