Dental Vibe


Did you know that as many as 40 million Americans refuse to go to the dentist because of their fear of needles? If this describes you or if you have to push yourself through the anxiety, you’ll be happy to hear about DentalVibe.

DentalVibe is a tool that allows us to overload your nerve with a vibration. The vibration stops that nerve from sending pain signals to your brain, so you won’t even feel the typical pain from an anesthetic injection.

Benefits of DentalVibe

  • Not only do the vibrations prevent you from feeling pain, the sound creates an extra distraction.
  • The anesthesia works faster.
  • Patients typically don’t even know when the injection occurs.

Statistics About DentalVibe

  • About 1/3 of Americans avoid going to the dentist because of fear and anxiety.
  • 95% of patients say that DentalVibe has changed how they view going to the dentist.
  • 94% of patients said that vibrations from DentalVibe made the injections less painful than without.
The Wand

The Wand

The Wand is a technologically advanced assisted anesthesia system. It has computer regulated flow rates, which allow us to control both the flow and pressure of the anesthesia.

Patients should feel less pain and not have to deal with numbness that extends far beyond the area being treated. Essentially, The Wand allows us to be as efficient as possible during the injection process, while you won’t have to worry about the pain.

Benefits of The Wand

  • It reduces anxiety.
  • It is more comfortable than the typical syringe.
  • You don’t have to worry about having a numb face after the procedure.

Want to Know More About Anesthetic Options in Medfield, MA?

Sometimes the most stressful part of a dental procedure is the anesthetic injection, but what if it doesn’t have to be like that? At West Mill Smiles, we want every part of your treatment to be as stress-free and painless as possible. If you have any questions or want to know more about our anesthetic options, contact us today!